Shuffleboard/Bean Bag LeagueShuffleboard Bean 

The shuffleboard/bean bag league runs twice a year.
  The 2017 Fall/Winter League is in session 
Teams have been chosen
If you any questions regarding this league please contact:
Bob Altieri at (215) 240-2129 or
Mike McAvoy  at (610) 637-0350 or

Weekly Standings
Week  Standings
1      2 Chicks and a Dick--                            
2      We Are Robin's Friends--                      
3      Hole Dominators--
4      Elizabeth's Idiots                 
5      Outlaws--                                                  
5     A Rose Between 2 Thorns--                                          
6      The Gunners--                                     
6      Baggin' and Braggin'                              
7      "A" Team--                                                  
8       We Wax Our Corn Holes--                     
Wins         Losses